The history of Akbas Organic begins veth his ancestors who were farmers and cultivabrog ths delicious and matchless fruit in their own gardens. 
For Akbas, first to be occupied with apricot as family interest , leaves its place to be the most important apricot suppliers in Turkiye together with the fact that the apricot realized as if the most popular fruit all over the world. 
The Akbas famiy has made a reputable address and qualty for everyone who wants to reach the delicious Turkish apricots for being supplfer of the apricot for generations-long with core values of family, respect for his works and the strong with his employ., 
As a result of ths professional Ite for many years, it has created his own trade mark in the year 2006 by getting the name Akbas Organic.


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Benefits of Sun Dried Apricot

Benefits of Sun Dried Apricot

Unlike the yellow apricot, the Sun Dried Apricot is organic and has not been subjected to sulfur treatment and has been..
Benefits of Dried Apricot

Benefits of Dried Apricot

Because the dried apricot is the same in general terms, it benefits in terms of health, but we can rank its benefits as..