Akbas Organic, which serves for long years in intemal and extemal market took its today's name in the way of getting its trade mark in the year 2006..

Our firm gets ready the apricots for intemal and extemal demands which are collected from the exclusive gardens and dried carefully, in is factory where provided the highest level of hygiene and health.

Akbas Organic, is became one of the meeting points which has important place in Turkish apricots, extends to the most remote villages gardens of Malatya.

Akbas Organic presents its apricots which are manufactured under hygienic and healthy conditions with diversifed packing methods for the buyers,  with constant quality and refined service.

Our Vision
Akbas Organic aims  delicious, healthy dried apricots so fresh as if just picked from its branch. Our motivation and technological investmens serves this aim. 
Our Values 
Akbas Organic is 
- Innovative
- Progressive
- Gives value for. the producers
- Respects his works
- Offem high level of service for all internal and external buyers 
- Being aware of the gift offered to him by the soil respects the environment and nature.


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Benefits of Sun Dried Apricot

Benefits of Sun Dried Apricot

Unlike the yellow apricot, the Sun Dried Apricot is organic and has not been subjected to sulfur treatment and has been..
Benefits of Dried Apricot

Benefits of Dried Apricot

Because the dried apricot is the same in general terms, it benefits in terms of health, but we can rank its benefits as..